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NAF Connection Dinner

AIC’s Managing Partner Gilles van Hövell tot Westervlier joined theNAF Connection Dinner in Amsterdam on Friday, March 15, 2019. Gilles shared his views with the American NAF-Fulbright Fellows 2018/2019, NAF alumni and supporters. It was also a nice opportunity to receive news about recent NAF developments and upcoming events.



AIC - Aviation Independent Consulting at DC ANSP - Curaçao

AIC’s Managing Partner Jan Willem Storm van ’s Gravesande delivered a speech at the Seminar of  the Dutch Caribbean Air Navigation Service Provider. 

Title of his speech: “ANSP’s to space and beyond  (and the legal consequences)”


AIC - Aviation Independent Consulting at the Commercial Space Transportation Conference in Washington

AIC attended the Commercial Space Transportation Conference in Washington mid February; this time without the FAA taking part, as a result of the US shut down.

More than 400 participants.listened to and took part in different presentations during the two days of the Conference.

Main topic of course the future transportation by Elon Musks Crew Dragon of American astronouts to  the International Space Station as from July this year (50 years after the first landing on the Moon)  

The last American NASA Spaceshuttle to the ISS was in 2011. Since then US astronouts flew to the ISS in Russian Soyuz spacecraft.


Aviation Independent Consulting to refresh Aviation Legislation in Curaçao

Aviation Independent Consulting has signed a contract with the Government of Curacao through Curacao Civil Aviation Authority (Ministry of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning) to create a more simplified system of (aviation) laws and regulations as well as the conception  of legislation, to implement the Chicago Convention including both criminal and administrative law enforcement instruments, and draft regulations, for the implementation of the 19 Annexes to the Chicago Convention, with corresponding Memorandum of Explanation and Explanatory Memorandum respectively.



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