Aviation Independent Consulting B.V.



Aviation Independent Consulting (Jan Willem Storm van 's Gravesande) has been invited to take part in two webinars:

on 28 January 2021 in a Summit on the issue of Continuing Airworthiness Management


on 4 February 2021 on Rules and Regulations operating an Aircraft that is Registered Offshore.

Tijdelijke onderbreking van email ivm website verhuizing

Op 8 december wordt de website verhuisd. Hierdoor kan een korte onderbreking in de ontvangst van email ontstaan.

Mocht u een email gestuurd hebben op 8 december een geen reactie hebben ontvangen, dan kan het zijn dat deze niet is ontvangen door de verhuizing.

Webinar “Offshore Aircraft Registration”

On 30 June, 2020 Jan Willem Storm van 's Gravesande of Aviation Independent Consulting was a panellist in the Webinar “Offshore Aircraft Registration” delivering a speech on rules and regulations regarding the operation of aircraft which are registered offshore.

First International Conference on Aviation Future: Challenge and Solution

This international conference was planned in Ho Chi Minh City, 18-20 March 2020. Due to the Coronavirus the conference is postponed to 23-25 September 2020. Gilles van Hövell tot Westervlier submitted a full paper on Aircraft Leasing for this conference.

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