Aviation Independent Consulting B.V.

CURACAO AIRPORT HOLDING NV and AVIATION INDEPENDENT CONSULTING BV sign further contract to create rules for commercial space flights from Curacao

In November, 2013 Aviation Independent Consulting BV signed in Curacao a new consultancy contract with Curacao Airport Holding (CAH) to further detail the “Landsverordening ruimtevaart”.

The final draft version of the Landsverordening ruimtevaart (Space Ordinance Curacao, together with the “Memorie van Toelichting” (Explanatory Notes), has been presented on 23 April 2013 to the Minister of Traffic, Transportation and Urban Planning of Curacao. This draft “Landsverordening ruimtevaart“ will shortly be presented to the Curacao Parliament (“Staten”).

De “Landsverordening ruimtevaart” under the new contract signed in November 2013 will now be further worked out and detailed by AIC and TSAC in Curacao-Orders in Council / Governmental Decrees specifying technical and operational details.


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