Aviation Independent Consulting B.V.

Air Law Conference - Rome

AIC - Jan Willem Storm van 's Gravesande - attended the Air Law Conference:
"Facing the new Challenges in the Aviation Industry" 

in Rome - at the LUISS Libera Universita Internazionale" on 21 June 2019.

How are Regulators and Air Law Experts addressing, or have to address, these challenges ?

The full day program was divided into several "blocks", i.e 



"Investing in an airline, balancing between attractions and obstacles";

"When is competition fair and how to regulate it ? "

"What about drones ?"

"Brexit, What is next ? "

"Passenger Protection, does the Court in Luxemburg put a new light on it ?"

"The trend towards greater automation and its liability implications".


Each subject initiated interesting questions and inspiring discussions between attendants.

A Conference hopefully to be continued next year !a

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